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Samsung and iFixit’s Galaxy self-repair program is now open to US consumers

Back in April, Samsung US and iFixit announced their Galaxy self-repair program though it did not immediately start selling the parts required for it. The floodgates are finally open and you can now order genuine spare parts and tools to repair your Samsung devices.

Devices covered by Samsung and iFixit's self-repair program

Devices covered by Samsung and iFixit’s self-repair program

The repair program only covers the Galaxy S20 series and S21 series phones, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet for now. You get access to three component types – display assemblies, back covers and charging ports. Interestingly enough Samsung has still not shared any details about battery replacements.

Component prices for the older Galaxy S20 series models range from $59.99 for the charging port assembly on all three models to $224.99 for the S20 Ultra’s display assembly. The Galaxy S21’s display assembly comes in at $160.99 while the S21 Ultra’s is $232.99. A Galaxy Tab S7+ display will go for $219.99 while the charging port assembly is $59.99.

Samsung and iFixit’s Galaxy self-repair program is now open to US consumers

Those who want to repair their own Galaxy device can order the genuine Samsung parts and tools from Samsung Store including retail and service locations as well as from iFixit’s site. Samsung is committed to expanding the devices and repair components covered by the program in the future.


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